When worship becomes more than the words we read or sing… when it becomes a part of our very being, that’s when the atmosphere starts changing. The Word of God is our life line to living a transformed life. It’s alive and is activated by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The words written for us in the Bible weren’t put there to stay there. They were written to become a part of who we are as we discover Whose we are. As worshippers of Christ, it’s our faith that connects us to everlasting life in Him. We can read about words of salvation and healing, but it’s not until we actually see them as truths, that they are put into motion as more than words.

Have you ever sat down to read the Bible and not known where to start? It can be intimidating, until you realize the power source waiting inside. I think this is why for some it’s so hard to read the Bible. They aren’t connected with the Holy Spirit, who brings the words to life. It’s a team effort, that as we read, the Holy Spirit will use our mind to expand our ability to understand what is written. Instead of filtering what is on the pages through our comprehension and interpretation, we have access to Divine wisdom. Now, instead of reading to believe, we are experiencing belief through reading with the Spirit of God.

Understanding that the “Word” is alive is the key to getting beyond the ink on the pages. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.” The very words we read draw us into the relationship that sets us free from lies the enemy tries to imprison us with. When we read the name “Jesus” something happens. He is more than the Word on the page, He becomes personal to us. He walked on water over 2,000 years ago to meet His disciples where they were and He continues to do the same for us today.

All scriptures are God’s thoughts captured to the best of human ability and put to pen and paper. God has always communicated with His creation. He’s given us access into His Kingdom here on earth! When we worship past the words we start to see God pursuing us at every turn. His Word is alive and residing inside each one of us. This is when things begin to change. It’s the difference between reading about the power of prayer and putting the power of prayer into motion. There comes a moment in our walk as Christians we have to see the Word of God as the truth for our life. We read that Jesus told His disciples, “…greater works will you do.” They went on to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the world. They weren’t just “hearers” of the Word, they were “doers.”

The atmosphere around us will begin to change when we put into practice what we read. When the words that we sing reach beyond the lyrics on a screen, we will see the greater works Jesus was talking about happening with you and with me. There is a whole world out there that can’t see the depth of words written in a book called the Bible. It’s our job as believers to show that they are more than words. They are life, we get to put them on display each day we head out. Maybe someone needs prayer for healing, it’s for a new beginning. We are called to live off the pages that were written from a time long ago. There is power residing in the Word of God! Allow Him to become the very essence of who we are. Think about it, we know there is no fear in God’s perfect love. What if we go beyond reading about it and start believing in it! The amount of worry and stress we experience would greatly decrease. We begin living resurrected lives when what we read becomes the story we live! Jesus didn’t die for some, He died for all! He is more than words on a page, Jesus is the Savior who came to save!

This week, step into the story and begin to live out what has been written. Have a great rest of the week.


Kristin Tucker

Director of Worship Arts