It’s that time of year when students are graduating and heading on into the next chapter of their lives. A season of endings and beginnings. I find myself in the midst of all the excitement wondering where did the time go. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was sending my son Josh off to his first day of school?! Time has a funny way of moving in warp speed when it comes to those we love. The beautiful thing about time is that every second counts, if we let it. When we live our lives for the moments we are in, we don’t miss out, even when they fly by. We don’t get the ability to see into the future, but we can be reassured that The One who created us sees it and will be with us as we get there.

Imagine God’s perspective on us, His children. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, of all things. From His eternal perspective I imagine Him looking down and seeing everything all at once. Our Creator looking at His creation and connecting with us. Our prayers we will pray in the future, God already knows. What is unknown to us is very known to God. This doesn’t mean that God will stop bad things from happening. He has given us free will to choose how we will live out our time here on earth. We connect in real time with God through our belief in Jesus. When He sent us Jesus, He became our hope for the future. Now, instead of fearing the unknown, we put our assurance in Him. Knowing that we have the Resurrected Christ living inside of us gives us a boldness for life.

Have you ever been in prayer, the kind of prayer where you are asking God to change the atmosphere, and felt time stand still? It’s pretty amazing. About eight years ago, while my family and I were still in the inner city, I got a call from a friend. He sounded awful, I knew right away something was wrong, and it was. His three-year-old little girl had just had emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor they had discovered. The prognosis wasn’t good. Only one in five-hundred in the world contract this cancer, and those that do, don’t live. My friend knew the ministry I was a part of had seen some miraculous things happen so he called me to come pray for his daughter. His wife was a believer, but he wasn’t sure. I told him I would come and bring my prayer warrior friend, and that we were bringing Jesus. He told me to bring whatever I wanted, but to just come! I have to be honest, on the drive to the hospital I went through so many emotions on that drive. I distinctively remember crying at one point thinking that this sweet baby girl would die so young. That’s when I heard my Father’s voice fill my heart and ask me why was I crying for the little girl He had healed. He told me that He was with her in her healing (future) and that this (present) was the journey the family was on.

When I got to ICU my friend met me and we went in and prayed. It was such a powerful prayer, the energy in the room was electrifying! In fact every alarm was going off, the nurses assured us that the young girl was okay, but they couldn’t turn the machines off. On the “Amen” they all stopped. When we left that day, waiting at the elevators, my friend looked at me and said, “God showed me that baby healed.”
All I know is that God was all over everything about this little girl’s life. It’s been eight years, she is “Clean and green” (they won’t say cured until 10.) The doctors said she was and is a miracle. My friend and I heard from God that He was in her healing, and the journey this little girl’s family has been on has been amazing. Her dad now says He knows it was God that saved his little girl.

Time is the way we get to experience our journey with God. The more time we spend with Him, the more we know Him. His ways are not our ways. When we allow time to stand still, and ask for His will to be done, we are calling on future promises. The truth is we don’t get to know them in advance, we have to trust that God does.

I’ve prayed before and had a different outcome than what I was praying for. I have to trust that The One whose perspective is eternal knows best in all circumstances.
Time will continue to fly by, life has a way of always moving forward. Reach out for those moments in time where heaven comes down to earth and watch time stand still. God is an interactive God, He is time. With Him every step of the journey will be filled with memories, and the future filled with possibilities.
Have a great week!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts