“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” This scriptural line is in the chorus from the first track of Hillsong’s latest album “There is More” (the song is called “Who You Say I Am”). This entire song is a declaration of who the Word of God says we are! In the book of John it says,

“Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8: 34-36).”
Jesus came to set us free from the grips of sin. He is everlasting, as was His work on the cross for us. So, if the Son frees us, there is nothing that can put us back into the bondage of sin but ourselves.

I love the biblical thought that Hillsong puts into the writing of their songs. Their commitment to drenching their lyrics in scripture-based knowledge has had an impact on a new body of believers. In this song, “Who You Say I Am,” there is something so comforting in singing about who we are. The chorus is the proclamation about who and Whose we are!

I’m writing about this today because I think sometimes we get stuck in the lie about who we are. It’s easy to do, even as believers. In my morning devotion today, by Beth Moore, she wrote about the times we find ourselves in “the pit.” The funny thing about the pit is that we fall into it when we least expect it. When that co-worker’s jabs become louder than your Savior’s whispers. Also spending too much time on social media and feeling not good enough, compared to our friends in our feed. We can slide in and lose sight of all God’s truths about us. The reason we become stuck there sometimes is because those pits don’t have windows. There sitting in the dark we are tormented by the enemy’s lies. When we can’t see out, we turn our focus into self-loathing. It’s hard to sing about being free when the liar is in our heads, but that’s exactly what we should do. Pit-time only lasts if we are willing to sit in there believing all the lies the enemy is throwing at us.

David knew this. In Psalm 40 verse 2 he talks of crying out to God and God lifting him out of the slimy pit. Not only did his Father free him as soon as he cried out, but He also gave David a new song to sing. David’s assurance of who he was and Whose he was always came from God and His promise to David. This great man from the Bible suffered from spiritual depression at times. When he fell into the pit, when all felt lost, David put his trust in God. God knew David to be a man after His own heart. The world saw David at times as an adulterer or even a murderer. I can only imagine how much of a struggle it might have been to not fall victim to what the world said about him. That’s why David clung to who God said he was.

We have the assurance that Jesus came and by His death and resurrection claimed us back into the family of God our Father. We are children of God! The Son came to set us free from death and sin. The pit is the exact opposite of the truth about our Father and what Jesus did for us. It’s a place Satan uses against us, almost like an early grave. His intention is to bury us alive in doubt, fear and loss. When he tries to trap us there he wants us to believe we are hopeless and condemned. But it’s a lie! There is no power the enemy has over us unless we give it over to him. If all we can muster when we feel stuck in the pit of life is to say, “I’m a child of God, yes I am!” that’s all that we need! We are not forsaken, we have been chosen!

I used to watch the TV show “Ally McBeal” when it was on. One of my favorite episodes was one where Ally had a theme song that was always playing in her head. It was a song that represented who she thought she was. I used that idea in one of the most difficult times in my life. Back then I chose a mindless song, that when I thought of it just made me laugh. It helped me over some rough patches in my life, but did nothing to define who I am. Well, I’m changing my theme song in my head to “Who You Say I Am”! The words are biblical, it’s the truth! I am who God says I am, His child, more precious than gold, created in His image, freed from death and sin by the Son.

So next time you find yourself in the pit, sing yourself out of it! Can’t sing? Speak! Whatever you do, believe that there is a God who loves you and is for you!
Have a great week.

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts