It’s all about God!

This statement seems pretty straight forward, right? I mean, we’re believers, we know it’s about Who we believe in, so why does it still seem so difficult? We were created in the image of God, our Creator, and He gave us the key to His kingdom… Jesus. It should be simple, set our eyes upon Him and be a part of bringing the kingdom of God to earth. The problem is we’ve developed an earthly mindset of what we want and that was never a part of the equation! In our belief in Jesus, we are saying we die to our old selves and are reborn again in Him. We are not an upgraded version of “Me.” When we are truly alive in Christ and we align with Him.

Jesus told us when He was here that He did nothing outside of the Father’s wishes. He said that He did whatever the Father asked. When Jesus was here on earth, He lived the heavenly way, to show us how to make a place in our hearts for the Divine to reside in us. He went to the cross to destroy the bondage sin had over our lives. He did the work, He paid the price, so that we could live out our lives with the power of the resurrected Christ. Jesus even told us that He was leaving the physical world so that our Spiritual guide could come (the Holy Spirit). We don’t have to do this alone! All of this was done because we have a heavenly Father that would move heaven and earth for us, His children, so that we might know Who we are. Here’s where we have to have ears to hear… God pursued us because of His absolute love for us! He wanted nothing to separate us from Him, so He sent His Son to eradicate sin! So this brings me back to the statement I wrote earlier, “It should be easy, right?” The truth is, on our own, it is impossible. But with God ALL things are possible! We were not saved from the pit to make us feel good. That’s one of the lies of the enemy! We were saved from the pit so we could show the world who God is through Jesus in us!

Feelings are deceiving. We decide how we feel based on what is happening around us. Without processing our feelings through the Father’s love and with the guide of the Holy Spirit around us, we end up making this life about us. Here’s the truth: We are loved! Jesus took our rightful place on the cross and when He said, “It is finished” He meant it! Our job is believing that it is true. The liar wants us to be orphaned from our lifeline. When he is able to get in our heads, we can develop amnesia and forget what has been done for us! But when we believe, I mean truly believe, and receive God’s mercy and grace wrapped up in unconditional love, the kingdom mindset explodes! When we allow God’s love to manifest in our lives, condemnation disappears. Remember there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus! When we say yes to Him, sin and the old self leaves! A generosity begins to flow out of us because we’ve allowed God’s healing love to define us! Unfortunately, what can happen is we come to Him with our feelings, and we don’t feel worthy, so we hold onto that self-condemnation.

God loved us first, we have to believe that He does, so we can begin to live according to the Father’s plans. Then we can live out the greatest two commandments, “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, strength, and soul, and the second of these is to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-39).” Loving God first should be our only agenda as Christians. There shouldn’t be anything more important to us. Think about it; what if we believed that God’s presence in our lives is more important than anything else we’ve got going on? What if our church service’s only agenda was God, not people? It’s important that we see clearly that we bring Heaven to Earth so that all can see the goodness of God! It’s our 1st commandment, to love God. Have we created spaces in our lives, our homes, our jobs, the community and even our churches that are God-focused? Or have we allowed an earthly mindset to slip in and make it people focused? Let me put it this way: does the way we worship God leave room for His presence, or is it distracted by what we are feeling? It’s a tough question, but one we should all take time to really think about and answer. See, it’s all about God. The by-product of making it about Him is the ability to love people! When we make it about people first, we lose our heavenly mindset and become an earthly mess!

When we invite guests into our home we do everything we can to make them feel comfortable. Are we doing the same for our God? I believe that if we shift our focus back to Him, and create an atmosphere that welcomes Him, then we will be able to love people well. We are going after the presence of God. He will then be enthroned in our praise of Him. It’s a win-win situation. The by-product of His presence is everything else! We can only love our neighbors the way God has commanded out of a place where nothing but His presence matters! Then we will have the mindset of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and be able to do His work. We gain a Kingdom-minded perspective that translates into His worldly objective!

The time is now. The Kingdom is at hand, here on earth the way it is in Heaven! Let’s go after the presence of God with everything that we have! There are supernatural results ready to collide with our Kingdom mindset. Go after Him this week. Do a self-audit. If He’s not in your plans, it might be time to let go of them!

Have an amazing week. Nothing like His presence! Amen!

Kristin Tucker
Director of Worship Arts