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Rev. Dr. William A. LewisRev. Dr. William A. Lewis, May 6, 2018

May 6th, 2018 Kenyan Missionaries

“I believe Missionaries have the highest calling. The total self-denial and investment they make to bring the Lord to others.”

Glenn McDonald shared that… before 1937 animated cartoons were mostly kid’s stuff. Plots were a few jokes strung together over three minutes. Characters were roughly drawn and colored without a hint of subtlety. When Walt Disney began to talk about crafting a full-length animated film, few could imagine what he had in mind.
What Walt Disney had in mind was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a work of art. Several critics continue to believe it is the finest movie (of any kind) ever made. Snow White transformed the reality of animation. Walt insisted the stars of the movie weren’t silly exaggerated caricatures trying to get laughs. They were real and should be portrayed as actual persons.

This meant their eye brows should crinkle a certain way when they felt wonder or doubt. Their clothes should move naturally when they stood up. Their hands, cheeks, hair and eyes, should look authentic. Without the availability of 21st century technology, all of this had to be done by skilled human hands over the course of several years.

Throughout that time, Walt Disney visited every department in his studio, continually engaging his 500 co-workers. Mostly what he did was tell, retell, and tell yet again the story of Snow White. Walt Disney would go from desk to desk and drawing board to drawing board, acting out every emotion. He would portray every scene, completely investing himself during these sessions which often took three hours. Staff members would be spell bound. Many choked up. Whenever they heard the leader of their project pour out his heart, their vision was restored. They returned to their highly specific projects, drawing Bashful’s nose, or the gnarled branches on the trees with renewed energy.
In other words, when they heard the big story, they better understood where their own humble part of the story fit in. Walt had become one with the story and could only tell it with passion.

This is the way we are supposed to tell the gospel story, becoming one with the message, sharing it with passion because we are part of the story.

We tell God’s story over and over, because it helps us find our place in the universe. It’s not an accident that the world’s greatest stories; Snow White, Star Wars, Harry Potter, align with what is in scripture. The world used to be a better place, then evil defiled it. Salvation must be plotted. Some characters choose the light, others side with darkness. Only with great courage and reliance on great powers can victory be achieved. Along the way extraordinary sacrifices need to be made.

When Snow White sings, “Someday my prince will come.” She is voicing the world’s most enduring hope: One day a savior is going to show up and set everything right and the world will be healed.

There’s a reason we need to hear the real story again and again. Every time we face a pile of dirty dishes, or a terse conversation, or a rampaging toddler, or a decision at work that feels like a make or break moment, we need to remember our lives mean something and are going somewhere. Which means whatever we choose to do today in our own version of the drawing board, will make a difference in the Big Picture.

Rev Dr William Lewis

About Rev. Dr. William A. Lewis: Rev. Dr. William Lewis has been the Senior Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration since 2009. Whether at a traditional service, praise service, or the more casual Thursday night service, you’ll find that Pastor William’s preaching brings the Word of God to life D.Min. McCormick Theological Seminary Th.M. Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary B.A. University Colorado
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