Scotland Mission Trip

June 26-July 6, 2019


To give to a missionary, use the “other donations” from the giving options. Then notate the name of the person and that it’s for the Scotland Mission.

Each team member must raise approximately $1600. This budget includes travel, lodging and food. There are no overhead fees for this mission trip.

Why go to Scotland? Scotland is a prime example of secularization that is happening all over Europe. In Scotland, those that confess Christ and attend a local church number around 2% of the population. That is less than many Middle Eastern “Muslim” countries. The Presbyterian denomination was birthed through revivalists in Scotland. We have the joy of returning to our roots to help restore what has been lost. Pastors Nathan and Courtney McConnell and their family are missionaries, pastoring the church in Dundee and reaching out to those around them. We desire to support this work and create a partnership that turns into recurring trips to Scotland.
Short term mission trips can be a powerful method of opening the eyes of those going on the trip and blessing those in country through friendship and service. Millions of people have begun their walk with Jesus when a visiting missionary introduced them to Christ.

Goals of the Mission

  • Partner with Downfield Mains Church in Dundee, Scotland.
  • Facilitate and serve a VBS for the impoverished kids around Downfield Mains Church.
  • Encourage and train the volunteer team from CommPres through Bible study and ministry.
  • Establish long-term friendships between Downfield Mains and CommPres.
  • Visit Presbyterian heritage sites, discovering the sacrificial roots of the denomination.

The Team