Project Description

Begins Thursday, January 4 at 10:00 AM in the St. Andrew room.

You are invited to join our exciting new study, “Expecting to See Jesus-A Wakeup Call for God’s People”.

Ann Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, launched a revival ministry for women in 2000. It has touched hundreds of thousands of women around the world. This video series includes 9 weeks of 25 minute videos, delivered by Anne on the Mount of Olives, which includes a Bible Study workshop with Crawford Loritts and Dr. Henry Blackaby.

Session titles include:
1)He’s coming!
2)Listening for His voice
3)You’re sleeping!
4)Wake up!
5)Open your eyes!
6)Bend your heart!
7)Bend your knees!
8)Just say yes!
9)Move your feet!

Participant Guides are available to accompany the study with minimal homework (optional) for $6.00.

Come join the adventure and lively discussion. This study will be facilitated by Penny Lingo.

If you would like a book, they will be available at the first session.
Email Penny at with any questions.