Project Description

We’re a spirited and supportive group of women who join together for weekly Bible study along with festive food and drinks.

Our new study, The Forgotten Way, begins on Wednesday, August 23.

The Forgotten Way
Study by Ted Dekker and Bill Vanderbush

Presented by Traci Vanderbush

Do you ever wonder if you’ve been missing something? Could it be the Forgotten Way? We know that Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Have we really understood His way, forgetting what He taught?

Enter The Way of Yeshua, so easily forgotten (Yeshua is Jesus’ Hebrew name…His original name). Take the journey from hate to love, from fear to faith, from insecurity to complete rest.

August 23: Orientation
If possible, please read pages 1-50 of The Forgotten Way prior to meeting.
Homework: read Meditations 1-3

August 30: God is Infinitely Good
Homework: read Meditations 4-6

September 6: Made in His Likeness
Homework: read Meditations 7-9

September 27: See Who You Are
Homework: read Meditations 10-12

October 11: Surrender
Homework: read Meditations 13-15

October 25: Being Love in the Darkness
Homework: read Meditations 16-18

November 1: The Evidence of You is Love
Homework: read Meditations 19-21

The Forgotten Way book is $15. The optional Study Guide is $15.

Here you will find peace in the storms; you will walk on the troubled seas of your life. Love, joy, and peace will flow from you as living waters. And the world will know…there goes one who can fly.

Join us on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. For more information and location directions, contact Carolyn Garcia at or call the church office.