Project Description


The S.S. year will wrap on Sunday 5/20 with Classroom Fun Sunday! S.S. students of all ages (PreK 3&4, K/1st grade, and Children’s Church) will enjoy fun activities in their classrooms. This special day is also marked by group photos.

Summer 2018 Notes
Three worship services will continue throughout the summer!
• Childcare for infants through age 3 in the Magnolia Room as usual (8:00 AM to 12:30 PM)
• Summer Kids’ Room for PreK 3&4 thru 3rd grade in the Chapel classroom. We encourage all 4th/5th students to enjoy worship with their families during the summer months!
o BEGINNING Sunday 5/27 during 9:30 AM Summer Worship!
o As is our custom, Summer Kids’ Room will provide Bible study as well as indoor and outdoor activities.

Update on Remaining Special Annual Activities

• 4th /5th Grade End of Year Lock-In is scheduled for Friday 5/4 to Saturday 5/5! This is a favorite overnight event where our 4th/5th grade S.S. students gather at the church after dinner at 7PM to enjoy outdoor games before dark, a game room, a movie, and late night pizza! Lights out by midnight (girls upstairs & boys downstairs!) and pick-up by parents at 7AM!

• End of Year Fun Sunday will wrap up the S.S. year on Sunday 5/20 (during the S.S. hour)! S.S. students of all ages (PreK 3&4 thru 5th grade) will enjoy fun activities in their classrooms. This special day is also marked by group photos.


Fun and interactive lessons every Sunday with an awesome and very full Teaching Team!
o PreK 3&4 – Deanna Baker, Angela Wydra
o K/1st grade – Jennifer Jablonski, Barbara Kubala
o Children’s Church [2nd- 5th grade] – Eric & Cherie Clark, Beth McAulay, JoAnn Tennant
o Youth Volunteers –Bella & Hanna Van Oss, Cate & Caroline McAulay, Victoria Berube, Jacqueline Cook

Special Annual Spring Activities (in the coming months!):
o PreK class – Playground Fun Sunday
o K/1st grade class – Camp Day
o Children’s Church (2nd-5th grade) – Class Trip
o Annual Overnight Retreat at Cedarkirk in Lithia, FL – 2nd-5th grade
o Memory Challenge Downtown Outing – 2nd-5th grade
o 4th /5th grade End of Year Lock-In
o End of Year Field Day


Kids are invited to share the rich stories of the Bible in fun and interactive ways each and every Sunday! Special events through the year move S.S. beyond the walls of the classroom. Come “Share the Story” with us!

      • 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
      • PreK 3 thru 5th grade
      • Parent drop-off/pick-up required
      • Registration takes place on the first day your child attends

For more information, contact JoAnn Tennant, Director of Children’s Ministry, at