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CommPres supports international missions around the globe.
South Asia
Haiti – International Christian Development Mission (ICDM)
Located in Bayonnais, this organization provides school for children, medical clinic, food and clothing plus training for adults. For more information, visit:

Interested in joining our team on the 2018 Spring Break mission trip to Haiti?

Families and youth are welcome. For more information, contact Matt Didway at


Kenya – Utange Orphans Charity: Casuarina House and Feed500 Program

Utange Orphans Logo

Founded by Paul and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need. They are currently raising funds to build a much needed High School for orphans and other disadvantaged children. For more information, visit:

The couples’ ministry not only involves charity work, but they are the volunteer missionaries for Utange Baptist Church, conducting a second service in English on a Sunday mornings. This Evangelistic outreach ministry includes Bible training for leaders and pastors from 30 plus churches throughout the region as well as counseling training for those working with bereavement and trauma in children. The ministry has a Youth Center that sleeps 24 people where Paul and Debbie facilitate volunteering mission expeditions for international groups. Anyone interested in visiting, please contact


Hi everyone!

We like to get out and about and have new adventures so Paul and I were delighted to accept an invitation to travel up country to Mariakani for 2 days teaching at a church there. It was a very basic mud hut style church (see below). Reaching it gave new meaning to off road driving as was an obstacle course through rocky terrain, dusty track and flooded roads. The outside loo wasn’t even a hole in the ground, you just crouched behind a nearby palm tree. We really were in the heart of the African bush!

There were 70 that attended and we split our time to teach everyone: youth, leaders, men and women. Whilst Paul was teaching on the first day a lady at the back started manifesting a demonic sound. Paul looked at her and saw that her eyes were completely white, no pupils at all. She stared at him intently and Paul stared her out. She cowered and turned away then her pupils returned to normal. We didn’t want to detract from the teaching as discerned it was meant as a diversion from Paul speaking, so planned to pray for her at the end, but sadly she left before we had the chance.

The next day we thought we’d have the opportunity but alas she didn’t return. However there was another demon possessed lady that appeared, so not wishing to miss out again we grabbed her right away and prayed over her. She collapsed under the power of the Holy Spirit writhing on the ground until she was delivered. Then once released we witnessed the joy of the Lord entering her. Quite amazing how her face turned from being twisted and tormented to that of beaming with joy. There is power in the name of Jesus!

Once home we took a stroll down the beach to a little African bar we sometimes visit on our day off. I was quite tired and not really in the mood for witnessing. A local man irritated when he kept coming over to our table and interrupting our conversation. We (though I was reluctant!) agreed to let him join us. It turned out Vincent had fallen away from faith. He had a sad testimony how he’d been following the Lord and was thinking about going to Bible school. Then tragedy struck him which sent him over the edge, turning to drink, drugs and women. He left our table upset and ashamed but we asked him to come back so we could pray for him. He was moved by this gesture as felt no one really cared about him. We reminded him that Jesus loves him and is waiting for him with open arms to return like the prodigal son. During our prayers God visibly touched him. Our little trip out to the bar for a soda and bite to eat resulted in Vincent repenting and re committing his life to our Lord!

I’m amazed at how Jesus brings random folk to us and find it quite humbling that He uses us as intermediaries for those He needs to touch….. Especially when I’m not in the mood!

Last weekend we had another adventure, we were invited to minister at Vineyard Church 3 day Camp. Paul was guest speaker. It was great to have a change of scenery again and minister to new people. Apart from the camping part of the trip (not slept in a tent since I was 12!) it turned out to be such a special time as during the weekend 3 young people decided to get baptised. Paul assisted Gary their Pastor in baptising them in the sea…praise God!

As we wind down for Christmas our thoughts turn to family and friends. We especially miss you at this time of year.
Wishing everyone a fun and Christ filled Christmas.

Much love sent across the miles x

Debbie Scott-Robinson


South Asia – Missionaries

Our missionary family is faithfully serving in South Asia. Thank you for your prayers!

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