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South Asia
Haiti – International Christian Development Mission (ICDM)
Located in Bayonnais, this organization provides school for children, medical clinic, food and clothing plus training for adults. For more information, visit:

Interested in joining our team on the 2018 Spring Break mission trip to Haiti?

Families and youth are welcome. For more information, contact Kristin Tucker at

Here’s the latest newsletter from Rev. Yvan in Haiti:

Well, the 2018 Pastor’s Conference is over! However, the inspiration and hope this annual event brings to the participants has only started. This is my second year to take part in the ICDM Pastor’s Conference and I believe this was a pivotal moment for all the participants. Here are some of my thoughts on the value and benefits of this event.

First is relationships. We often call the church a “community” but in so many congregations this is just a word. At the Pastor’s Conference I witnessed the value and development of real community. Across denominational lines and other common boundaries, pastors and church leaders from all over Haiti gathered in Bayonnais for the 2018 Conference. They came to learn, to be inspired, and to be encouraged. However, for me, one of the greatest things to see were the friendships renewed and new friendships developed. Men and women shared their successes and failures; found new hope in the ideas of others; and shared lessons, meals, and worship. My own friendships with many Haitian leaders were strengthened. Jean-Noel Preval, one of our interpreters, is such an awesome man! Funny and bright, he brings cheer to my heart every time we work together. Abraham Vilsaint is another friend I got to spend time with this year, talking and digging into the details of our Christian calling. Pastor Oriel Sterling, one of the men who pastors and teaches in our pastor training programs and the School of Evangelism. This experienced and gifted leader brought wisdom and insight for all of us. Sister Elicia was shy and embarrassed when I used her name in my teaching, but her smile and her laughter offer hope to all she meets. I mention all these names, because I used to come to Haiti and only knew the people I met before I came. Now I find myself with friends and partners in ministry far beyond the staff of ICDM. These men and women have become part of the community I call the Body of Christ. Even when we are separated by miles most of the year, I hold them in my heart and mind every day. We pray for one another; check up on one another and help each other make it another day!

Second is the sense of purpose and hope I see among the participants. Pastors and leaders in Haiti often face challenges that leaders in the USA can barely comprehend. More than being preachers and teachers, they are often community developers, activists and advocates, and business leaders as well. Yet, in spite of the challenges, they are joyful! Whether it is in our worship together or just conversations in the courtyard, their conversation and communication is permeated with joy! These men and women see the reality of Haiti as it is now, but they also have a vision of change and transformation. This hope, deeply grounded in the Christian gospel or Good News, shapes their work, inspires their efforts, and energizes their creativity. And their joy is also contagious! No matter what is happening in my life and ministry, I always come away from these meetings with a new outlook! Energy renewed, vision expanded, and heart inspired, I come back to the USA stronger and more joyful!

Finally, I think this year’s conference came at a critical time for both the leaders of the sessions and the participants. While the conference was going on, ICDM was working on a home for a family in Bayonnais. Right after the conference a team from New Jersey came and finished up this construction. Construction on ICDM’s new clinic is getting started. A record number of children are enrolled in the school. New leaders are being trained and commissioned. All of these things seem to bring a sense of strength and possibility to everyone’s mind. It is as if the entire mission has reached a point of great momentum. As each new idea becomes a reality it sparks more new ideas, inspires new leaders to take charge of these initiatives, and these in turn spark even more ideas and visions. Such momentum is awesome to observe! It is even more powerful when you are even a small part of such momentum!

The main building where we meet each year is called “The Center for Hope.” I know that it is only a building. However, the people who gather there each year for the Pastor’s Conference are taking hope and spreading it across Haiti! May God continue to bless these men and women with his power, his love, and his joy!

Yours in Christ,
Yvan Pierre
ICDM Director

Kenya – Utange Orphans Charity: Casuarina House and Feed500 Program

Utange Orphans Logo

Founded by Paul and Debbie Scott-Robinson, this amazing ministry not only provides food, shelter and education, but also offers a loving, caring, nurturing environment for children in need. They are currently raising funds to build a much needed High School for orphans and other disadvantaged children. For more information, visit:

The couples’ ministry not only involves charity work, but they are the volunteer missionaries for Utange Baptist Church, conducting a second service in English on a Sunday mornings. This Evangelistic outreach ministry includes Bible training for leaders and pastors from 30 plus churches throughout the region as well as counseling training for those working with bereavement and trauma in children. The ministry has a Youth Center that sleeps 24 people where Paul and Debbie facilitate volunteering mission expeditions for international groups. Anyone interested in visiting, please contact







We’re very excited to announce that phase one (ground floor) of “Celebration High School” for orphans and disadvantaged children will officially open January 2019….hurrah! This will be such a special time as it will also be our 10th anniversary since opening Casuarina House, so a double celebration! It seems very fitting to arrange a trip for supporters to join us for the cutting of the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Departing January 24th for two weeks, staying at the luxurious Severin Sea Lodge Hotel (below left), perfectly situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean: As well as relaxing and attending the opening ceremony you will also have the opportunity to visit Casuarina House and FEED500. We’ve included a 3 day safari for those who want to experience all Kenya has to offer. Cost for flight incl.hotel plus safari is approx. £1,500 per person. $ 2,000. Euros 1,700. SEK 17,000. Please contact me if interested in joining us for this unique vacation.

FEED500 is now in it’s 7th year and continues to be a lifeline for many. I’ve said before if you ask any poor child in the village what they desire, all will tell you food and an education. So we’re thrilled our vision of being able to offer secondary education to the poorest is finally coming to fruition. We’re seeking sponsors (£350 per year) for children like Amani pictured below outside his mud hut home. Amani is on our feeding programme. Dad died leaving Mum with him and 2 younger siblings living in poverty. Amani’s in his final year at a government primary school which is free, but doesn’t have money for fees to progress to secondary level. Thankfully with Celebration High School opening it means he’ll be able to continue learning with sponsored education. Amani is very bright, position 3 in his class of 76 students. He told me he’s determined to finish no.1 this year!  He and others like Amani will now have the chance to achieve more than their circumstances dictate and have hope for a brighter future.

Our Christmas outing was fun this year as our Casuarina kids were invited to camp overnight at Footprints Orphanage in Shimba Hills. It was a 3 hour journey from Utange crossing over on the ferry with some stunning luscious green scenery en-route. The two Homes enjoyed volleyball, football and basketball competitions during the day and singing and dancing around the camp fire in the evening. Not much sleep was had as the children from both Homes were excitedly chatting through the night! A special time for everyone with new friends made. We plan to reciprocate with a trip to Utange next Christmas!

Thank you for supporting and journeying with us. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Many of you believed in and cared about what we’re doing from the beginning. Your help has enabled us to achieve so much for the orphans here. Lastly, one of our supporters, Jenny King is training hard to run the London Marathon in April for our Charity. If you’d like to support Jenny’s efforts for the children please donate through this link:

God bless,

Debbie Scott-Robinson


South Asia – Missionaries

Our missionary family is faithfully serving in South Asia. Thank you for your prayers!

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