Project Description

Programs for children ages 3-4 years and VPK for 4 year old students:

  • Morning, afternoon, all day classes
  • Wrap around care and “Lunch Bunch”

For more information, contact Jennine Haffelt, Preschool Director, at

DCF License # C09OS0068



*Preschool will be closed November 22-24 for Thanksgiving Break*

Look what our thrilling 3’s are up to this week…Kindness

Review letters: A-M
Color review: magenta and turquoise
Numbers 1-11: counting and identifying
Let’s review our shapes!
Songs: “Away in a Manager” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
Art projects and activities: cornucopia craft, color bingo and animal magnets

Look what our fabulous 4’s are doing…Kindness

Review letters: L, F, E, H, I, U, C, O, Q, G, S, J
Numbers 1-12: recognizing and counting
Color review: turquoise, chartreuse, magenta, and lavender
Let’s review our shapes!
Songs: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the World”
Activities: shape design activity, memory game, sequencing puzzles and bead lacing/patterning