Project Description

Three opportunities for men:

Tuesdays at 6:15 AM in the St. Andrew Room

Our Tuesday morning group is discussing¬†Hosting the Presence – Unveiling Heaven’s Agenda by Bill Johnson. “If God’s presence is inside of me, how does that impact my life? If the Holy Spirit is always with me, how do I hear and respond to Him? Prepare to encounter God like never before and transform the world around you by hosting His presence!”

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Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in the Expansion

Our Tuesday evening group is studying “The Theology of the Church.” We do theology whether we realize it or not. What do Christians believe? How do we know what is “Christian?” What is true? How do we answer our critics’ questions about our faith?

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Saturdays at 8:00 AM in the Conference Room

Our Saturday morning group is following a unique, DVD-driven study, The Easter Experience. It brings the passion and resurrection of Jesus to life through dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching done in a highly cinematic style.

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