Project Description

Three opportunities for men:

Tuesdays at 6:15 AM in the St. Andrew Room

Our Tuesday morning group is following a unique, DVD-driven study, The Easter Experience. It brings the passion and resurrection of Jesus to life through dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching done in a highly cinematic style. Our group is also doing the “Essential Journey to the Cross” Lenten Devotional Plan in the YouVersion Bible app.

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Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in the Expansion

Our Tuesday evening group is doing a survey of the Book of Acts with emphasis on the spread of the new Christian faith from Jerusalem to the “outermost parts,” followed by an in-depth study of Chirstian doctrines in the Book of Romans.

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Saturdays at 8:00 AM in the Conference Room

Our Saturday morning group is exploring meditations, The Forgotten Way by Ted Dekker. “Jesus’ words were and are true. There is a way to find incredible peace and power in the storms of this life. The fulfillment of His promise – love, peace, and joy – is the only thing that you truly desire. The whole world longs for the Way of Yeshua. But for 2000 years, we have gone astray and Forgotten that Way.”

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