What does God sound like? Traci and I were children’s pastors a long time ago and this was a question that came up a lot. And it’s no wonder. So many of the Bible stories featured the voice of God speaking to ordinary people of all ages. Back in Genesis, God turned on the lights of the universe with the sound of His voice. He literally spoke things into existence. But if you’re in space, without atmosphere, there is no ability to create sound as we know it. So then, the voice of God is not dependent upon a physical atmosphere. That means you don’t need ears to hear the voice of God.

The Bible says God speaks to us by His Spirit, and sometimes that’s just as easy to miss as it is to catch. One of my favorite stories that taught me an important key to hearing the voice of God comes from Exodus 3. Moses was walking in the desert and he noticed the odd sight of a bush burning, but not consumed. Moses made a conscious decision to turn aside to inspect the unusual scene. In verse 4, there’s a key passage that says, “When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, then God called to him…” The thing that triggered the voice of God was when Moses purposely turned aside to see. God was looking for a heart that would notice the unusual circumstance and pay attention to it.

Have you ever been going about your day and suddenly a name you haven’t thought of in a while comes to mind? Perhaps you dismiss it, and soon after, someone else mentions that person. Maybe you even hear from them or run into them. With stunned exclamation you say, “I was just thinking about you.” Don’t ignore these moments. Perhaps God is preparing your heart to speak words of Spirit and life to that person and it may mean more than you can imagine. I’m convinced of two things on this topic: First, there are more burning bushes around us than we give attention to. And second, God is looking for people who want to hear His voice enough to stop and turn aside to see. May you have an encounter with the voice of God today.