I literally grew up in church. I’m a preacher’s kid, and my mom started a school in the church. It didn’t matter if the doors were locked, I was there. I LOVED my church, and it felt like a family reunion every Sunday: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. That place was my home.

Unfortunately, the church fell apart when I was 20. Over the next ten years, I searched for a place I could call home again. Four churches later, it hadn’t happened, and the emptiness I felt continued. Then God brought us to CommPres. Pastor William has mentored me, and “Team Tucker,” our worship and tech directors, have walked closely with me and my family. We’ve seen volunteers serve God humbly and faithfully every week, and the church family has loved our daughter. God’s presence has been all around us.

The students we’ve worked with surpassed every hope we had for them. They have faithfully served God, and I’m honored that I walked with them on their journey. Their gifts, talents and passion will always inspire me.

I will take with me what makes CommPres so special. Thank you for giving me a home again.

Matt Didway



Are you contemplating New Year’s resolutions?  Maybe you’re like me, having given up on those exercises, because they only set me up to fail at meeting myself-imposed expectations.

I’m reminded of John 8 and the motivation Jesus shared for all His actions: “I only do what I see the Father doing.” He could say this because He knew His Father’s voice, and was in complete union with God. Because of the death and resurrection of Christ, we now have this union with our Father as well.

The most profound resolution we can make in life is to continually look to our heavenly Father and ask what He’s doing. When we do, He enables and energizes us to fulfill His plans. We needn’t spend significant time, energy and money on things that are not His ideas. This will inevitably lead to burn-out in all areas of life.

Ask your Father in heaven what His plans are for you this year. Don’t be shocked when He answers with things that seem impossible. It just means He’s the only One that can do it, and you’re invited to co-create.

Ben Passmore