Jesus told His disciples, “Keep watching and praying.” In the Old Testament, watchmen sat at their posts on a wall, and were the first people to see attacking armies or traveling traders. They saw things no one else saw.

This is what can happen when we pray; we can be God’s watchmen. Prayer gives us a “God’s eye view” by heightening our awareness. It almost gives us a sixth sense that enables us to perceive spiritual realities beyond our five senses.

In business, a “first-class noticer” is one who recognizes talent, identifies opportunities, and avoids pitfalls. They pay close attention to what is happening so they can make informed decisions. Prayer turns us into God’s “first-class noticers” who see what He wants us to see: the child playing alone at school, the homeless person in need of a meal, the neighbor with health problems.

When we enter into prayer, the Lord releases His Spirit to open up our world to see everything and everyone from His perspective. Think of it like picking a new ring tone for your phone. Whenever you heard that ring tone before, it didn’t really register in your mind. But now that it’s on your phone, you hear that sound and immediately fish around in your purse or pocket to see who is calling. So it is when you have God’s watchful mindset; you’re looking for people and places to release His grace.

When you pray for someone or something, it creates a new awareness as you start noticing anything related to those prayers. When you pray, suddenly “coincidences” happen. Actually, it is providence as our prayers create divine opportunities. Prayers are more than words spoken to God; they are the activation of God into our lives.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. The emotions we experience don’t reflect our external reality; they reflect our internal, spiritual reality. When we open our eyes of faith, we start seeing God everywhere we look. We see the image of God in others. We see His fingerprints on His creation. We see divine opportunities. Are you tuned in to God’s ring tone?