We are bringing in a new Sr. High Youth Leader, Brianna Buxton. When we talked to her boss at the church she was leaving, he commented, “She’s a bit intense.” We asked, “What do you mean intense?” He responded, “She believes Christians should be attending church and financially supporting the ministry.” One characteristic I like about Bre is her passion to engage in spiritual conversation, leading the conversation to a decision point about Jesus Christ.

Whether it is one’s initial decision to invite Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, or the ongoing every day choices to choose Thy will instead of my will, this is when we see God do amazing things.

50 years ago, Stanley Tam made a decision to make God his Senior Partner. In one of the more unique corporate takeovers ever, Stanley legally transferred 51% of his business to God. Stanley started the United States Plastic Corporation. When he gave his business over to God, annual revenues were less than $200,000. But Stanley believed the biblical promise from 1 Samuel 2:30, “I will honor those who honor Me.”

Stanley, however, felt convicted for keeping 49% for himself. After reading the parable about the merchant who found the pearl of great price and sold everything to obtain it, Stanley made the decision to divest himself of all his shares and became a salaried employee of the company he started. Since that day, Stanley has given away more than $120 million. Stanley Tam says, “God’s shovel is bigger than ours.” In other words, we cannot out give God. The idea behind Christian generosity is, “what we keep we ultimately lose; what we give away we ultimately get back.”

In my Bible reading, I’ve noticed God has a multi-generational plan. For instance, something negative that happened to the Israelites leaving Egypt gets addressed three centuries later. Our spiritual seed that we sow in this world can be cultivated and developed for the Kingdom long after we have left. What an experience we will have when we are in heaven, seeing what we sowed into the ministry is still reaping Kingdom fruit!

Congregation, thank you for supporting our ministry. Because of your investment in what Jesus is doing here, we surpassed the budget!