I was doing wedding planning with a couple and they mentioned they wanted to be showered with rice at the end of the ceremony. However, it is widespread knowledge that uncooked rice can kill unsuspecting birds as it swells in their stomachs, causing them to burst. Thus, the tradition of throwing rice has been abandoned for confetti and bubbles.

Ironically, there is no truth to the assertion that rice is a threat to birds. Miyoko Chu, a Cornell University ornithologist (bird expert), stated there are no documented cases of birds dying as a result of eating rice. “In fact, sparrows, blackbirds and bobolinks eat it all the time in the wild.”

If a whole country can be duped by misinformation about rice, how many more people are being confounded by other myths? Presently, Americans are dealing with alternative news-truths-facts that have skewed the political arena.

Worse are the lies that have confused people’s perceptions regarding God. Satan originally duped Eve in the Garden of Eden, lying to her about God’s word. Ever since, he has successfully driven people away from God by emphasizing all the judgment and wrath scriptures in the Bible.

Yet, the Bible is actually a love letter from God to us, full of grace and an invitation to experience abundant life. The personality of God is mercy and compassion. The wrath of God was aimed at the sinful elements of life that destroy our lives and block His eternal love for us. In fact, God was so upset about sin’s destructive effects, He fixed our problem Himself through Jesus.

Let me set the record straight. There is no condemnation from God toward us—just a restored relationship to enjoy. Your sins, which were barriers between you and God, have been removed as far as the east is from the west, so you can realize your identity as His child, cared for by your Creator.

Our cosmic enemy can deceive you into thinking God is not available, but be assured you are not going through this life alone. God is your partner and resource to empower you to overcome everything that threatens to harm you, because He loves you! The truth is you are God’s precious creation and have unhindered access to engage God daily – always and forever!