In Acts 10:3, there is a two-word phrase, “One day.” It is pregnant with hope because one day could be today. Today could be the day God answers a prayer or performs a miracle. In one day, God can deliver an addiction that has held someone captive for years. In one day, God can bring back a prodigal child who has been gone for decades. In one day, God can provide more than someone has accumulated in a lifetime.

But to experience our one day, we have to pray every day. Prayer is not like playing the lottery; it is more like an investment account where every deposit accumulates compound interest. Then one day, it pays dividends beyond our imagination.

Mark Batterson tells the story of receiving a call from someone who wanted to make an anonymous donation of $3 million. Why? “Because your vision is beyond your resources.” His church had irrational dreams of reaching people for Jesus.

Our church operates the same way. We practice sound financial management, steward every penny, and count the cost of every ministry. But we do not let our budget determine our vision. It is not uncommon for other churches to limit their God-given dreams because they forget He has unlimited supplies! Yet, we don’t let fear dictate our decisions.

We do not have to pray louder or longer, or with the correct theological terminology. God listens to our hearts and is moved by our faith more than our words. It is our belief in WHO HE IS that moves our heavenly Father. We tend to rank our requests by degree of difficulty: big or small, easy or difficult, simple or complex. But to the infinite God, all finites are the same.

When Jesus walked out of the tomb, the word “impossible” was removed from our vocabulary. Our God knows no limits, and neither should our prayers. Remember what the Lord says repeatedly: “Nothing is impossible with God!”

With our new building campaign, I have been asking God for divine assistance and ironically, for $3 million. We have big ministry dreams brewing and want more people to meet Jesus through our faith. In your personal prayers, please pray for almighty God to bring our church project into existence, and make our “one day” become today.