I gave the church staff a mandate: Find your prayer spot. It is not hard to pray in faith when we pray in a place where God has already done a miracle. When Elijah prayed for rain it was easy to ask because he had already seen fire come down from heaven in that spot. One of the byproducts of answered prayers is faith to believe God for more miracles.

Geography and spirituality are not unrelated. God had the people build memorials in places of spiritual significance. During seasons of repentance or seeking, the people would often return to those ancient altars to renew their covenant with God.

To renew their faith, I imagine David revisited the place where he defeated Goliath, Abraham made a pilgrimage to the thicket where God provided the lamb, Peter rowed out to the place where he walked on water. Going back to places of spiritual significance should be part of our spiritual rhythm, to remind us of God’s faithfulness. Where we pray is not insignificant. The optimal location is free from distractions, a place we can focus and download the Lord’s thoughts.

Sometimes we need to mark God’s territory and pray a perimeter around a promise God has placed in our hearts. I will circle the sanctuary or parking lot of the church as I cover the church family in prayer. There have been times I entered the sacred space and was not willing to leave until I felt there had been a breakthrough with God.

One pastor experienced all his children abandoning the faith. He and his wife fasted and prayed non-stop. It became their routine to fight for their kids in prayer. They literally purchased a shooting target and wrote their kid’s names on the bull’s eye. The target became a tangible way of interceding. It took years, but each kid came back.

Interestingly, when the pastor and wife were in their 20s, they too were far from God. But when on vacation, the wife came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. She wasn’t in church or reading a bible or listening to a sermon. What she didn’t know was her friends got in a circle and prayed for her to find Jesus. So, Jesus went and found her! Stuff happens when we pray.

Make it your daily habit!

Rev. Dr. William A. Lewis