I love the New Year’s holiday because it signifies a fresh start. But we are all familiar with false launches and feelings of frustration that accompany failed attempts at the new you. We all wish we could push a button and re-align our old habits into the new routine we seek.
Archimedes of Syracuse is famous for his quip, “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth.” He was referencing a lever, one of six simple machines identified by renaissance scientists. Levers amplify the input force to provide a greater output force. The longer the lever, the greater the leverage.

As Christians, our motto would read, “Give me a place to kneel on and I will move the earth.” (James 5:16) Clarification: it is not we who move things, it is the Lord responding to our dependence upon Him. In the Kingdom of God, humility equals authority. Our lever is humble reliance on Jesus. If we try to make things happen on our strength, we are limited to just that, our own abilities. But when we hit our knees, God extends His mighty hand on our behalf. He will leverage our lives and do the impossible.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is establishing a more intentional prayer routine. My desire is to become a prayer warrior. Over the past three years, I have been operating by the maxim, “pray it into existence.” This has resulted in many divine surprises.
“Getting on my knees” is a phrase used for prayer, which can be accomplished by walking, standing, or even while driving. Just don’t close your eyes! There’s nothing magical about kneeling, but there is something biblical about it. Getting on my knees keeps me from being distracted by other activities like e-mails, urgent paper work, etc. But deeper than that, posturing our bodies postures our hearts. Bowing our hearts in reverence before God is what really matters.

Our Christmas Eve Sunday was fantastic! Over 3,000 people encountered Jesus through our ministry. The highlight for me was sitting in the front row and listening to the powerful volume of those assembled as they sang the Christmas carols. The gusto, heart and emotion of all the Christians worshipping God brought me to tears!

Undoubtedly, it also moved the heart of God!

Rev. Dr. William A. Lewis