So many people are trying to figure out who they are: teenagers considering a transgender switch, adults questioning if they are in the right relationship, Christians wondering if they are following God’s plan.

When we are facing huge decisions or just reflecting on the trajectory of our lives, the Lord will often interject His thoughts into our heads. Sometimes it is a wake-up nudge in the middle of the night. Other times, it is an unexpected, random conversation when someone addresses the very topic we have been pondering. Most often, it comes when we open the Bible and see what God says about our specific situation. Mark Batterson advises, “If you want to find your voice, you need to hear the voice of God.”

God has a calling for you. Your life can and will be used by God to accomplish His purposes. He wants to speak through you differently than anyone else. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you are called to be His voice and bring His touch to the people in your sphere of influence. When we follow His calling, His directives get more specific because each one of us is unique and the Lord has a personal way of addressing our lives.

It can be difficult to distinguish between our own thoughts and the voice of the Holy Spirit, but like any relationship, we learn to discern those thoughts more accurately as we journey with Him. Eventually, God’s voice becomes like that of a spouse or child, and we are able to interpret even His most subtle intonations!

Many of us Christians have experienced a moment when the Lord put something on our hearts. We don’t always understand the implications of a singular event, but it is the seed the Lord plants within us. Then, it grows because God’s callings aren’t always understood or accomplished in months or years; His work entails our entire life’s journey.

What we often don’t realize is through the ebb and flow of our days, God is behind the scenes, working on our particular assignment. We may think we are going somewhere to do something, but God has a bigger plan. He is orchestrating events we are unaware of to accomplish goals far beyond our expectations. God is on the move!