Sometimes I’ll get all excited about a fresh ministry idea and someone will say, “Why do that?” My response is, “Why not?” Usually ministry ideas come from the Spirit’s prompting. As Christ followers, we are called to take a “why not” approach to life because it dares to dream and is bent towards action.

In 1908, missionaries were onboard a steamship rounding the coast of Liberia. They knew God had called them to Africa, but didn’t know what part. Suddenly, as they passed a location called Garraway Beach, they sensed the Holy Spirit prompting them to get off the ship.

Unknown to the missionaries, there was a young man living in the region named Jasper Toe. He was a God-fearing man who practiced the religious rituals passed on by his ancestors, but he had never heard the name of Jesus. One night, he looked into the sky and prayed, “If there is a God in heaven, help me find You.” A voice he had never heard before spoke to him. “Go to Garraway Beach. You will see a box on the water with smoke coming out of it. People from the box will tell you how to find Me.” Jasper traveled seven days on foot to Garaway Beach, arriving on Christmas Day. From the shore, he saw the steamship floating on the water with smoke coming out of it.

It was at this same moment the missionaries sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “Get off the ship here. This is where I want you to go.” When they told the captain, “God wants us to get off the boat,” he replied, “I can’t let you off the ship. This area is known for cannibals.” The missionaries insisted, so they got into a canoe with all their belongings. Jasper met them when they arrived at the shore and took them to his home. The missionaries learned the language and ultimately established hundreds of churches in the country of Liberia.

What if the missionaries ignored the prompting and missed their divine opportunity? God is calling you as well. Are you answering? It’s important because souls are on the line!