The Cross Was Only the Beginning

Human history has been filled with defining moments, but there is no greater historical hinge that has impacted the world like the moment Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross. The brutally iconic symbol that terrified me as a child became a moment of hope and grace as I learned that the nails had a point. But lots of people have died, and in equally horrific ways, yet they haven’t shaken the world, affected the calendar, or provoked a seismic global movement.

Paul said it’s not the death of Christ that saves us, but the power of the resurrection. When He died, He took us with him into that death and out of the tomb with Him in resurrection power. And we have not been raised with Him to turn around and get back on the cross. There’s a life available to us on the other side of the cross.

This Easter morning, Pastor William will begin to answer the question, “what does the resurrected life look like?” Don’t expect all of your questions to be answered, however. The point today is not to answer your questions, but to provoke you to prayer and to bring your questions before the Lord. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. He made you, and He knows how to talk to you. The love, joy, and peace of the Kingdom of God is available to you today. May this Easter find you risen to newness of life. In Jesus, the old things have passed away and all things have become new.

Bill Vanderbush