I’d like to invite everyone in our church family to add a prayer request to your daily list: the Christmas season. As we begin the advent season, let’s pray for the Lord to show up in special ways: healing, restoring, introducing Himself, and touching all who traverse into our ministry—even those who don’t.

Don’t minimize what can happen when we pray. In the 1950’s, Argentina was a spiritual wasteland. According to Dr. Edward Miller, a missionary who spent four decades there, only 600 Spirit-filled believers were in the entire country. A revival began when 50 students at a Bible College developed an intense burden for the nation. These students prayed long and hard with tears, interceding on behalf of the Godless nation. On the 50th day of around-the-clock prayers, a prophetic word was lifted up: “Weep no more, for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed over the prince of Argentina.” Eighteen months later, hundreds of thousands of Argentines were flocking to crusades at soccer stadiums. The largest arenas seating 180,000 weren’t massive enough to handle the crowds.

We never know how, when or where a move of God might begin, but if we hit our knees, God will extend His mighty hand on our behalf. If we lay a foundation of prayer, God will build something spectacular on top of it. When we intercede, God will intervene!

Pastor’s Christmas Church Prayer List:

  • Peace for those whose holidays are difficult because of loneliness and grief
  • Our ministry to assist the poor with the Community Hope Center, Operation Christmas Child and Angel Tree efforts
  • Our church family to have encounters with Jesus and His grace, becoming disciples that God moves through
  • More people coming to church, experiencing God’s love, and giving their lives to Jesus
  • Intentionally thanking God for all He does for us
  • Our members generously providing the approximate $200,000 we still need to meet our annual budget
  • Blessing on the construction and providing financial help for our new building

I invite you to create your own Christmas prayer list with your specific praises and requests. Let’s pray over both lists every day and expect the miraculous love of God to touch our lives.