I have been in ministry for 40 years. After accepting Christ as my savior in 1972, I went on to serve in the military, completed three years of Bible College training, and was officially ordained in 1979. In 1982, I received a call to immigrate from Zimbabwe, Africa to the United States to pastor a church in Sioux Falls, SD, where I earned my BA. Min. Th. at Great Plains Baptist Seminary.

My wife, Noline, and I accepted an invitation to work with an international marriage ministry out of Denver, CO, teaching seminars throughout the United States and several countries overseas. In January 1998, I became part of the preaching team as an associate pastor at Times Square Church in New York City. For the next twelve years, I trained over 70 lay counselors and led a weekly prayer meeting that saw hundreds of people unite together in prayer.

Touched by this ministry, I established Living New Covenant, Inc., with a passion to take the truths received to the body of Christ primarily in central Africa and Europe. By faithfully living and serving the Lord, I have been blessed with ministry experiences on three different continents.

Noline and I have three married children. Our eldest daughter and her husband live in Ukraine with eight children. Our middle daughter and her husband live in Denver with five children. And, our youngest son and his wife live in Boca Raton with four children. Yes, that’s seventeen grandchildren!