We are here with a Divine assignment.

Mark 8:14. (The Story of the Leavens)
How important are your resources? When God does a miracle in your life, it’s to teach you about the Kingdom. The experience gives you a standard to teach you how to see into the invisible realm. When I experience a miracle and I face that problem again and I go back into the same complaining and doubt that I did the first time it’s because I have not allowed the testimony of the Lord to affect the way I see and do life. You can experience without understanding. Your spirit gets things that your head doesn’t get. It realizes things that are in the invisible realm. Faith lives and draws from the Kingdom.

“WHY DO YOU REASON THAT YOU HAVE NO…” Why does your reasoning start with what you lack? He has just displayed to them the limitless resource of His kingdom and so His question is very on point. Thought patterns that start with what we don’t have can only end up with human resource for human need. Kingdom thinking lives out of an awareness that anything is possible at any time and God is prepared to invade if He can find a person who will agree with His will.

What is Leaven? Leaven is outside influence on thought patterns. Paul told us to take every thought captive. Decay of thought attracts the demonic world to come and make supernatural what started as a natural sin. Jealousy, bitterness, hatred lets the demonic realm know that there is an open window to bring influence. Many people want the result of the kingdom of God but won’t come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Pro 21:22, “A wise man scales the city of the mighty, and brings down the trusted stronghold.”
What you trust in other than God, reveals the stronghold of the enemy’s influence in your life.

The Leaven of Herod is the political spirit. It doesn’t mind belief in God but doesn’t allow practical application. Practical Atheism. Next time make a list and bring bread. You are the answer to your own problem.

The Leaven of the Pharisees is where God is central but He is impersonal and powerless. God is in form but its without power. Pharisees provides explanations not solutions. We feel proud whenever we recognize the reason there is no breakthrough but don’t have enough power to be the breakthrough. Jesus was always focused on the solution, not the problem. The disciples said, “Why is this man blind? Who sinned, him or his parents?” Jesus refuses to discuss it but instead said, “neither, but that the power of God may be displayed in him.” He was focused on bringing the solution. Without power there is no purpose.

The Leaven of the Kingdom is where you begin to see. He doesn’t want you to make such solid plans that He has no ability to interrupt them. He wants you to be quiet and activate the eyes of the heart. What would it be like for our city to be won in a day? See it. It’s coming. Let it burn in you. It creates in you a desperation that you begin to live with passion. Never let your passion die. When passion dies, character is soon to follow.

Bill Vanderbush