Every experience you have with God is the testimony of the Lord that prophecies into your life. Faith manifests when you surrender to the thought patterns of God. One of the dangers of seeing miracles is that your responsibility increases. Before you were in the mode to contend for a breakthrough. Now you’re expected to be a breakthrough. When you see what can be done you move from sympathy into compassion.

Nothing is impossible with God, and then He says anyone who believes can share with me in that role. Jesus in the boat, “how is it that you have no faith?” I told you to go to the other side. I equipped you with an understanding and an authority to deal with obstacles to my will.
VS 18. Having eyes do you not see…ears hear…do you not remember? Why were they expected to see? Because of their experience.

In the revelation is a call to encounter. If you get the revelation and don’t pursue the encounter, you’ll end up more religious and only be equipped to better argue with people who disagree. Paul said, knowledge puffs up. It’s in the context of teachers who don’t do. The revelation is the invitation. The encounter kills your pride and builds your faith. Right here right now is a power and anointing to break off all bondage. “Don’t you remember?” (VS 18) When Israel forgot the testimony of the Lord they fell into idolatry and captivity.

Heat activates leaven. The furnace of affliction activates whatever leaven we have allowed to be our primary influence.

Matt 28, “Let the people know that my kingdom is within reach if they’ll come into agreement with me and that’s called repentance.” Leaven is outside influence on thought patterns. Paul told us to take every thought captive. What you trust in other than God reveals the stronghold of the enemy’s influence in your life. Now that they had the experience Jesus instructs them on a new level of how to process life.

You anticipate God doing great things when you start to see into His kingdom. Unless you’re born again you cannot see the Kingdom. (Jesus to Nicodemus)

How often do I repent? Every time you find your thoughts contrary to the Kingdom of heaven.

God has placed within you the power to conquer any problem known to man. Anxiety over the problem blinds you to the tools. You first must come to the realization that you have Jesus in you and then can you be equipped to give him away.

Bill Vanderbush