“Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4).

Always have “It is written” ready by your side. Some believers, when a spiritual conflict begins, are ready to give up all hope. Do not act so cowardly: seek grace to be a soldier. You must fight. Look to your weapon: it cannot bend or grow blunt: wield it boldly and plunge it into the heart of your enemy. “It is written” will cut through the soul and spirit and wound the old dragon himself. Hide God’s word in your heart, ponder it in your mind. Be rooted and grounded in its teaching and saturated in its spirit. To me it is an intense joy to search diligently in my Father’s book of grace that grows upon me daily. The Bible was written by inspiration in old times, but not only was it inspired when written but also is so still. It is not a mere historic document. It is a letter fresh from the pen of God to me. It is not a flower dried and put in a vase, with its beauty clouded and its perfume evaporated. It is a fresh blooming flower in God’s garden, as fragrant and as fair as when God planted it. Do not look upon the Scriptures as a harp that once was played by skillful fingers and is now hung up as a memorial upon the wall. No, they are an instrument of ten strings still in the minstrel’s hand, still filling the temple of the Lord with divine music, which those who have ears delight to listen to. Holy Scripture is an Aeolian harp through which the blessed wind of the Spirit is always sweeping and creating mystic music such as no man’s ears shall hear elsewhere nor hear even there indeed, unless they have been opened by the healing touch of the Great Physician. The Holy Spirit is in the Word, and the Word is therefore living truth. Be assured of this, and because of it, take the Word as your chosen weapon of war.