“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow” (1 Corinthians 3:6).

When God gets ready to do something great, He prepares the way. One thing leads to another and when the time is right, God arrives to do what only He can do. So don’t be bogged down today by the hard work of building roads for those around you. remove the stones where you can. Pave a smooth path when you have the opportunity. You may not get to see the harvest every time, but you can plant the seed. You may not be sure when your friend puts their faith in Jesus, but you can play your part by telling them about His love. With God, nothing is wasted. Some plant, others water, and still others harvest. Sometimes we get to do all three. But every time, it is God who is doing the work to bring the increase. God designs days. No person or power can trump God’s plans for your life. He is ordering all things to fulfill His purpose and His promise for us, and others. What can you do today to show someone the way toward freedom and life? Think of yourself as a way-maker God is using to make paths that will help others see and savor Jesus more—the only person who chose to be born. The One who came not to a mansion, but to a manger. Not to the high and mighty, but to the guys on the lowest rung of the spiritual ladder. Share the grace of God that finds you wherever you are and shows you the way upwards to the Almighty arms.

Adapted from “Waiting Here for You” by Louis Giglio