“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).”

The Bible lets us know how far sinful mankind is from a holy God. Sin has dug a vast separating gulf. Christ has become the Mediator. By the giving of Himself in death, He stands between God and sinners. He shows us that by His death He has made effective God’s testament, God’s will.

That contract into which God has entered guarantees reconciliation. We are reconciled to God! God’s gracious new will—His contract—guarantees pardon. We may be restored into the household of God by faith.

Let me share with you another observation simple in concept but profound in this context of our divine inheritance. As long as the Lord Jesus lived, God’s new covenant and will for us could not become effective. It became immediately effective the instant Christ died. The death of the Testator brought immediate pardon, forgiveness, cleansing, fellowship and the promise of eternal life. Such is the bountiful and enduring legacy that has come by faith to the believing children of God as a result of Jesus’ Calvary death.

I want to conclude by pointing out something that will sound strange to any mortal human being. No man ever died to make his will valid and then came back to earth as the executor of his will. No one. Some other person always acts as executor and administrator of the estate that has been left.

But what no mortal has done, Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, has achieved. He has accomplished this kind of enduring administration and divine beneficence. Jesus died to activate the terms of the will to all its beneficiaries; Jesus rose in victory from the grave to administer the will.

A.W. Tozer