“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

Moses was headstrong in his zeal for his own people, and it resulted in his killing a man. (Exodus 2:11-12). His heart was right in his desire to correct things, but he was relying on human wisdom. And when we work on natural lines, we always fail. Moses had a mighty passion, and that is one of the best things in the world when God has control, and it becomes a passion for souls to be born again. But apart from God, it is one of the worst things. Paul was tremendously zealous, and, breathing out threats, he was sending men and women to prison (Acts 8:3). But God changed him, and later he said he could wish himself accursed from Christ for the sake of his fellowman, his kinsmen according to the flesh. God took the headstrong Moses and molded him into the meekest of men. He took the fiery Saul of Tarsus and made him the foremost exponent of grace.

God can transform you in the same manner, and plant in you a divine meekness. With God’s transforming power, we can become pure and holy, having the meek mind of the Master. God takes us just as we are and transforms us by His power. Only God can make people right. Only melted gold is minted. Only moistened clay accepts the mold. Only softened wax receives the seal. Only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the Potter turns us on His wheel.

Adapted from Smith Wigglesworth Devotional