“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God” (Romans 12:1).

Your life is shaped by your commitments. We become whatever we are committed to. If you don’t commit yourself to anything, you become nothing. Have you ever met a famous mover and shaker in life? What’s surprising is they are just ordinary people who’ve made a commitment to a cause greater than themselves. If the only thing you’re living for is you, that’s not a big enough reason to get out of bed. Christians become men and women of God when we commit ourselves to God’s cause which is greater than ourselves.

The problem is people are often afraid of making commitments. I’ll go to a buffet, and the fear of commitment whispers, “There might be something better further down the line.” I always leave hungry because I passed on everything, waiting for something better.

You cannot go through life without making some kind of commitments. You can’t buy a house or car without making a financial commitment. You can’t have a job without making a time commitment. You can’t get married without making a heart commitment. Commitments define our lives. The key is to make good ones. Romans 12 says, “Offer yourself a living sacrifice.”

When we offer our lives as living sacrifice there is a commitment to two things: a commitment to the Great Commandment (“Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”) and to the Great Commission (“Go make disciples”). God wants us to know Him, fall in love with Him, grow in Him, serve Him, and share Him with others.

Adapted from “A Significant Faith” by Rev. Dr. William A. Lewis