“At that time, the disciples came to Jesus, saying, ‘Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’” (Matthew 18:1).

How blatantly we can dismiss the most glorious of subjects. See how they put their words together, and learn how it is possible for us to commit the same mistake. “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”…as if there could be any greatness there of our own making, as if our nature could outshine the great dignities, as if we could be somebody in the infinite kingdom of light and grace? These men were not struck with the grandeur of the heavenly kingdom; they were plagued with the question as to which of them should be prominent in it!

Is it not so now to some extent? Are we overwhelmed by the occasion, or do we lift our heads above it and wave our hand over it as if we were bigger after all? In the church, in tender prayer, in the reading of the revealed Word, how do we behave, ourselves? Do we shrink away into an all but invisible perspective, being nothing when such light shines, or do we come forward in boldness? When the subject is the kingdom of heaven it should always be greater than the men who consider it. One would have thought that men having given to them the phrase “the kingdom of heaven” would have been dazzled by its glory and so impressed by its tender graciousness that they would never have thought of their position or status within its infinite circumference.

Man has learned the trick of spoiling everything God gives to him! He has spoiled the earth and would disfigure the stars if he could clutch them. How does your heart respond to the kingdom of heaven? To the King of heaven?

Adapted from In His Presence