“Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him” (Psalm 98:1).

John Henry Jowett says that faith is doing God’s will and “quietly leaving the results to Him.” This brings serenity. “He that believes shall not make haste, or more literally, shall not get into a fuss. He shall not panic, neither fetching fears from his yesterdays, nor from his tomorrows.” When we pray and then act on what we sense God leads us to do, we’re urged to leave matters in His hands. Yet it’s far easier said than done! We’re acutely aware of what has gone wrong in the past. When we consider how fragile life can be, we dread what may devastate our hopes in the future. Yet what choice do we have but to put our anxieties in God’s hands?

Jowett says that it’s enough to feel the pressure of the guiding hand. “He brings us out of our small imprisonments and sets our feet in a large place.” How can we experience this? When prayer saturates our thinking, when we “never stop praying,” our prayers can open our eyes and drive out fear. Jowett describes how God brought Abraham out of his tent and had him look toward heaven. In the same way, we have the opportunity to escape these “small imprisonments” by opening our eyes to the grandeur and love of the Creator. Just as the sun sends away shadows, our seeing through the Father’s eyes chases anxieties. Then we “exchange the tent for the sky,” Jowett writes, “and live and move in great, spacious thoughts of His purposes and will.”

Adapted from The One Year Book of Encouragement