We had a wonderful group of brave folks attend the first week of Soul Care’s summer workshop “Out-of-the-Box Prayer” this past Tuesday! Aggie Payton led us in Breathing Prayer – a new experience for many of us. And based on the idea that our image of God affects how we pray, we used photographs to spark a deeper awareness of how we personally imagine (and don’t imagine) God’s character.

Next week, Larry Richardson will guide us in an experience of prayer to powerfully remind us of the intense love with which our God listens and speaks to each of us.

Join us next Tuesday as we continue our adventure into prayer! For the complete schedule and to register, go to http://commpres.org/portfolio-items/soul-care-academy or contact the Soul Care office (407-566-1633 x 207).

Soul Care Ministries: Crossing Life’s Thresholds Together
Carol Potochney, Director
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