The best way to practice self-soul care is to have an active prayer life.Distractions from intentional prayer are a given in this chaotic world. But there are simple ways to focus your attention while shedding those deterrents.

In preparation for your prayer time, choose a word or phrase from the list below that resonates with you, or make up one of your own. Rhythmically repeat it, breaking as indicated by the slash (/), and lightly float the word(s) as you inhale and exhale. These “biblical mantras” can help you meet God with a clear mind, calm body, and cleansed soul.

(adapted from Lord, Teach Me To Pray: A Guide to Prayer, Office of Spiritual Formation, PCUSA)

Je / sus

Sov / ereign

The Lord / is my Shepherd (Ps. 23:1)

Come Lord Jesus / hear my prayer (I Cor. 16:22b)

Lord Jesus Christ / Son of God / have mercy on me (The Jesus Prayer)

Jesus / fill me

Come / Holy Spirit

Sha / lom (the Hebrew word for peace, wholeness, well-being)

Come Lord Jesus / be my guide (I Cor. 16:22b)

Seek first / God’s kingdom (Matt. 6:33)

Be not / afraid (Is. 43:1)

I have called you / by name (Is. 43:1)

Be still and know / that I am God (Ps. 46:10)

Rest / in me

By waiting and calm / you shall be saved / in quiet and trust / there lies your strength (Is. 30:15)

The still small voice / calms me (I Kings 19:12b)

Watch for the new thing / I am going to do (Is. 43:19)

I have called you by name / and you are mine (Is. 43:1)


Soul Care Ministries: Crossing Life’s Thresholds Together

Carol Potochney, Director