In his book, Waiting, Pastor Ben Patterson reminds us that God is not an object to be studied, but “a subject who addresses us and to whom we must respond. [God] cannot be studied; [God] must be engaged.”

Along these lines, we cannot nurture our prayer lives by “studying” prayer. Sharing pithy sayings about prayer on Facebook, collecting books on prayer, or even just reading prayers from the Bible will fall short of nurturing a deep, personal prayer life with (versus merely knowing about) God. There is only one way to truly find out about prayer and all its richness: by praying.

Yet even in the doing, our prayer lives may still seem stale – perhaps because we aren’t engaging God with our whole being. We were created with five senses and an imagination! Why aren’t we putting all these gifts to use in our communication with the Creator? Maybe we don’t know how, or are set in our ways. Maybe it’s time to break “out-of-the-box.”

The Soul Care Academy summer workshop, “Out-of-the-Box Prayer,” is designed to help do just that. During six stand-alone sessions, we will explore practical (and often tangible!) ways to approach God’s throne of grace experientially. Some experiences may resonate with you; some may be “holy uncomfortable!” But each will undoubtedly open you up to a deeper engagement with our relational God.

Join us for some, or all six sessions – 6:30 PM, Tuesday nights starting June 13. For the complete schedule and to register, go to the Soul Care Academy post on our website or contact the Soul Care office (407-566-1633 x 207).

Let’s DO prayer, not just talk about it!

Soul Care Ministries: Crossing Life’s Thresholds Together
Carol Potochney, Director
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