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The Great Exodus Part 2 – Neil Rhodes

Worship Moment of the Week – Building a Culture of Worship [2m read time]

Building a healthy worship culture begins in our hearts, surrendered to Jesus. It sounds simple enough: confess with our mouth that Jesus is our Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved. Salvation is the invitation to the life that has been awaiting all of […]

Redemption (Part 2) – Neil Rhodes 9-13-18

A Note from the Pastor – The Cover of Prayer [1m read time]

Korean pastor Billy Kim tells the story of an American soldier who fought on Korean soil during the early 1950’s. The G.I.’s platoon was in the middle of a fierce firefight. Several of his comrades had gone down. They were now laying injured in the line of fire. The soldier’s commander ordered him to […]

The Great Exodus – Pastor Neil Rhodes

Worship Moment of the Week: Aware of God’s Presence [2m read time]

God’s presence isn’t just something we step into to feel good, it’s a state of being to live our lives through. Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden walked with God. They were actually in His physical presence. They were there “being” in the presence of God. I looked up the definition of “being” […]

Redemption Part 1 – Pastor Neil Rhodes

A Note from the Pastor – Speak Up [1m read time]

Pablo Picasso’s 1937 mural, “Guernica” is one of the most emotionally disturbing paintings of all time. It is painted with no vibrant colors. Rather, it is made with only black, whites and grays. It depicts the pain, despair and chaos of people and animals suffering in the midst of war, centered around an […]

9-2-18 Get to Work – Rev Dr William A Lewis

8-30-18 Forgiving God – Pastor Bill Vanderbush