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Worship Moment of the Week – His commandments are not burdensome. [2m read time]

The word "commandment" has so much weight. It’s something that someone with power and authority can set in place as a rule. For most of humanity, I think the idea of being commanded messes with our sense of identity. We don’t want to live under someone else’s rules, because who better than us should tell [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Your Best Gift

In 1995 the Billy Graham Association held a Crusade in Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. During the week before the Crusade, hundreds of women and men came together to form a combined choir. Catholics sang with Baptists, Lutherans with Pentecostals and a few Presbyterians thrown in for good measure. After one particular choir practice that [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week- PC or JC?

We have become a society consumed by being “P.C.”. Spending precious time concerned with what so-and-so said, or how such-and-such looks. What if we spent more time focused on “J.C.” the One who was, and is, and always will be, correct, in all things! We live in a culture today that tells us too much [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Every Day Gratitude [1m read time]

Robert McCormack was a sergeant in WW1. He nearly lost his life while saving the life of Major Henry Parkin. Fortunately, both men survived the war. From that day on, until he died 25 years later, in April every year Parkin wrote McCormack a letter of gratitude. The last letter Parkin wrote contained a brief [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – In God We Trust? [1m read time]

Last Tuesday Americans voted with strong religious convictions, feeling certain they knew how to make our country a better place. We think if we can just elect the right candidates they will pass the kinds of laws that will ensure the blessing of God. We’re approaching the 100th anniversary of a significant faith based political [...]

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A Note from the Pastor: No Matter What [1m read time]

Paul Robinson is our missionary to Kenya. The police in Kenya operate using bribes. When a small crack was detected on their front head light cover, that was enough to incarcerate Paul. Herded onto a truck with others, Paul was put into a cell with 30 other men to await his court case. The cell [...]

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Worship Moment: As it is in Heaven [2m read time]

“The original plan God had for man was never aborted in the garden, it was fully realized in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.”-Bill Johnson. I am reading a book called “When Heaven Invades Earth” by Bill Johnson right now, and I love how he drives home the idea that Gods intention for us [...]

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A Note from the Pastor: The Lottery [1m read time]

For the price of a $2 ticket, you can indulge in the ultimate financial fantasy. This week’s Mega Millions Jackpot drawing is expected to exceed $1.6 billion. After taxes, a solo winner would have to figure out how to spend $905 million. Does this sound like the best thing that could ever happen to you? [...]

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Worship Moment: Grace [2m read time]

God’s constant grace is what calls out to the depths of who we are. It answers a longing that nothing in this world will ever satisfy, though we try. It’s deep calling to deep, satisfying a hunger in a way that never leaves you feeling hungry again. Grace is undeniably the greatest gift given to [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – How to Pray

In the Bible the only activity for which Jesus’ disciples specifically requested training for was Prayer. There’s no record they ever said, “Lord teach us to worship.” Or “give us some pointers on exorcism.” They must have observed something significantly different from the manner of prayer in which they had been schooled since childhood. So, [...]

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