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A Note from the Pastor – Our Existence

I married into a family with a bunch of smart people. This Christmas the families gathered and during this time a late night, four-hour conversation happened. Uncle Steve, a mathematician, scientific researcher and otherwise brilliant mind, explained that with billions of galaxies the probability of life elsewhere is high. However, he went on to share [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week – Overflow

We’ve just come through the Christmas season and I feel like this is the year for truly unwrapping all God has given us in His Son, Jesus. Love came down, set aside His crown, and made Himself like one of us. There is no greater way to say to all of us, “I love you, [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Reflections After Christmas

Christmas Eve was a special event for Community Presbyterian Church! We enjoyed 2,500 attenders. We had been praying that everyone would have an encounter with the Lord Jesus. After each service people approached me, some wanting to give their lives to Jesus while others shared this was the first time they considered Eternal Life. Several [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – The Real Santa

Children lined up to see Santa Claus in the English town of St. Ives, when an alarm went off causing an evacuation of the building.Suddenly, Santa ripped his beard and hat off in front of the children and started shouting and swearing at the families to leave. One mother calmed her child down by telling [...]

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A Note from the Pastor: Is the Nativity Political?

Many of our Christmas traditions have been imported centuries ago from other countries. For example, lights on the tree were Martin Luther’s idea. The pickle on the tree was hidden around the house for the kids to find, aka modern-day “elf on the shelf.“ The Nativity scene first appeared in 1223 in the village of [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week: The Gift of Faith

Faith is the first step towards belief. We typically believe what we can see, so stepping out in belief is usually based on what we know to be true by what we’ve been through. Faith is a gift from God. I’ve written about this before: we are given faith, by our heavenly Father, and we [...]

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A Note from the Pastor: Mountains and Jesus

The Bible is a book about Mountains. Even though the Middle East has never had the world’s tallest peaks, a number of biblical characters have become known for their mountain top experiences. Noah and his ark came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat. Moses climbed Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. Elijah heard [...]

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A Note from the Pastor – Who’s Your Mentor?

Ignacy Paderewski was one of the world’s most celebrated figures during the first half of the 10th century. He dedicated his life to his native Poland, where he served a term as Prime minister and represented Polish interests at the peace conference following WW I. But his true passion was music. Paderewski was a brilliant [...]

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Worship Moment of the Week – His commandments are not burdensome. [2m read time]

The word "commandment" has so much weight. It’s something that someone with power and authority can set in place as a rule. For most of humanity, I think the idea of being commanded messes with our sense of identity. We don’t want to live under someone else’s rules, because who better than us should tell [...]

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