A Note from the Pastor – Our Existence

I married into a family with a bunch of smart people. This Christmas the families gathered and during this time a late night, four-hour conversation happened. Uncle Steve, a mathematician, scientific researcher and otherwise brilliant mind, explained that with billions of galaxies the probability of life elsewhere is high. However, he went on to share that as no one has ever contacted us and about the unique elements that are required for life on earth. Distance from the sun and the necessity of the moon in our world’s rotation suggest earth could be the only planet with life on it.

I mentioned research I had found that the Big Bang at the birth of the cosmos produced equal parts matter and antimatter. Every scientific model that currently exists predicts matter and antimatter, being perfectly equal, should violently combine and immediately go out of existence. In other words, why is there anything at all? Other physicists agree the universe according to science shouldn’t exist. Our existence is one giant, inexplicable head scratch.

The theologian in me jumped all over this. The universe is here because God spoke it into existence with a purpose in mind, because He made us in His image to have a relationship with us.

While we shouldn’t be here, the fact is we are here. Titus 1:2 states God promised before the beginning of time that He would secure eternal life for us with Him. Ponder the things that had to occur for you to be here: your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents and all the previous generations had to meet, fall in love, become families and succeed in helping their little ones survive and thrive in a dangerous world. Somehow, all those improbable things happened. Not to mention the fact that when you were in the biggest race of your life, competing with over 250 million sperm cells, you won! “Your eyes saw my unformed body…all the days that were ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to pass.” Psalm 139.

Your life is not an accident. Your existence is not an anomaly. Just as God spoke distant quasars into existence, God spoke a word of love over all the circumstances of your life. You are here to experience and enjoy God now and forever.

-Rev Dr William Lewis