A pastor was sharing that he met a friend for lunch at an Italian restaurant known for its savory dishes.  They walked through the front door at high noon, but surprisingly no one was there to greet them. Looking toward the kitchen there were three cooks standing motionless. After five minutes, the manager appeared. He was deeply sorry, but he couldn’t seat them. Only one server had come to work that day and had her hands full with those who had already arrived. So, they left and went to another restaurant.

It occurred to the pastor they had just experienced a living parable of God’s kingdom. The world is full of hungry people. Cooks are waiting to feed them, but there are not enough servers.  Jesus said in Mathew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” Until the servers show up, not many people are going to be seated, fed, or inspired, to become servants themselves.

How many people are going to miss the LIFE God because Christians are not willing to have their lives inconvenienced to invest in caring for another’s soul?  This is where mom’s demonstrate the lifestyle of Jesus Christ who came not to be served, but to serve and give His life for many (Mark 10:45).  Mom’s are the people who clean up after the children, anticipate their needs, provide meals, and stay up all night nursing a sick child. Mom’s are the people who will deny themselves food if there is not enough, sacrifice career’s, and throughout the rest of their child’s lives worry over and pray over. The one person that can be counted on as your champion regardless of what or where you ended up in life.  No one on earth demonstrates the heart and loving nature of God as tangibly as Mom’s.

Some might have had mom’s who did not have this nurturing nature, but that is probably because these were women who got hurt early in life and developed self-protective scars that negatively impacted their natural inclinations.

If you want to do something spectacular today that will deepen and extend God’s reign on earth, serve and care for someone the way mom cared for you.