Three little trees were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” One shared, “I’d like to be a treasure chest that holds precious stones.” Another said, “I want to be part of a giant ship carrying kings and queens.” The third tree said, “I want to grow tall, pointing to heaven; everyone will look at me and think of God.”

The trees grew until men cut them down. The first was devastated to discover he was not to become a treasure chest, but rather, a feeding trough. Instead of precious stones, he would hold hay for animals. The second tree was sad to learn she would not be part of a giant ship, but a tiny fishing boat. Her cargo would not be kings and queens, but smelly fish. The third tree was disappointed when he was cut into beams, placed in a stack of lumber, and forgotten.

Years passed. One day, the feeding trough watched as a couple entered his stable. The woman gave birth to a baby, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and then laid Him in the feeding trough. He thought to himself, “I am a treasure chest! I hold the most precious thing that has ever come into this world.”

More years passed. The second tree was sailing on the Sea of Galilee, when the winds arose and blew fiercely; the waves began to beat against the boat. Then, one of the men stood up and said, “Peace. Be still.” The little ship realized her task was not to carry kings, but the King of kings.

Two more years passed. The third tree’s beams were yanked from the lumber pile and placed on the shoulders of a man to be carried through jeering crowds toward a hill called Calvary. The beam was tossed to the ground, and the man’s hands had nails driven through them into the wood. The people gathered around, cursing and mocking the man. The tree felt ugly and hated. Then the man was taken down and buried in a tomb. On the third day, He rose from the dead. The tree said, “Every time men look at me, they’ll think of God.”

Maybe God has you right where He wants you?!

Rev Dr William Lewis