Have you ever heard someone pray with such familiarity with the God you ended up feeling like you barely knew God? Listening to someone engage God on such personal levels inspires us to want to know God the way they do!

Have you ever listened to someone pray with such authority, it felt like they had just left the throne room of God? They have a clear understanding of the faithfulness of God.

It must have felt like this for the disciples when Jesus prayed. Hence the request, “Teach us to pray,” rather than asking Jesus to teach them how to preach or to lead others. Prayer is the supreme activity a Christian can do. If we change the way we pray, everything else changes: the way we work, parent, think, feel and speak. Prayer changes everything from the inside out.

The very word “prayer” can induce feelings of guilt because we don’t do enough of it. Maybe we feel inept when we don’t know what to say. Actually, the thought of prayer should induce unbridled excitement because nothing is more potent than kneeling before God Almighty.
The essential component about prayer is just jumping into it. Don’t beat yourself up over your past failures or present struggles. Simply ask Jesus to help you. Step into a conversation with God. Tell Him your thank-yous and worries. Work through your issues with people in God’s presence. Sometimes, as you lift up your anger and revengeful thoughts, you can see how they lack the attitude and grace God wants from us. We can make the spiritual adjustments necessary in His presence, releasing all issues to His love and plan. This requires a teachable spirit. Remember, prayer is not about our agenda with God, it is about getting into His presence and learning His agenda.

Sometimes I have gone through periods of discouragement with my prayer life, feeling like I was saying the same old thing. Once I told God I was bored with my small prayer vocabulary. Then I recalled a little girl who was on her knees saying, “Dear God ABCD…” Her Mom asked, “What’s going on?” She said, “I don’t know what to say, so I figured I’d let God put the letters together however He saw fit.”
Just pray!

Rev Dr William A Lewis