In 2005, 53 year old Eugene O’ Kelly was chairman and CEO of KPMG, one of America’s largest accounting firms. He lived life at breakneck speed. He and his family rarely went on vacation together. He missed virtually every one of his daughter’s school functions. He figured the family would have all the time together they needed when he retired in 5 years. On one occasion O’Kelly was frustrated he couldn’t secure an appointment with an important potential client, a banker who lived in Australia. When he learned the banker was going to take a 90 minute flight from Sydney to Melbourne, O’Kelly booked himself in the first class seat right next to him. Then he flew 22 hours from New York to Sydney, quickly boarding the flight to Melbourne. He introduced himself to the shocked Australian and closed the deal within 90 minutes. Then he flew back to Sydney and boarded the 22 hour flight to Manhattan.

O’Kelly was obviously a seriously motivated guy. O’Kelly recalled, “Over the course of my last decade with the firm, I did manage to squeeze in workday lunches with my wife twice.”

Then it all came to an end. In the spring of 2005, O’Kelly was diagnosed with late stage brain cancer. It was inoperable. He died four months later. “Chasing Daylight” is the personal record of that final summer when he rethought his entire existence. The subtitle of his book is “How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life.” He learned a great deal in a short period of time about the nature of commitment. He always assumed the ultimate evidence of commitment was cramming everything you possibly could into every spare minute. But as his life slowed down, it dawned on him that genuine commitment is actually about giving your life, as best you could, to the things that matter most.

Eugene O’Kelly was given a death sentence. Actually, all of us are terminal cases. Reflect back over the past four months of your life. Would you want your decisions and behaviors during these 120 days—the way you spent time with your family, colleagues and God, to represent your last four months of life?

Let’s live our every day the way we feel called to… “You did not choose ME, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit.” Go on the adventure of faith with the Living God!

Rev. Dr. William A. Lewis