It is incredible when I hear someone say, “Pastor, I’ve been praying for you.” Sometimes it comes from a child, which warms my heart knowing their innocent souls carry serious weight with God. Other times it originates from a senior saint, who brings the maturity of faith backed by decades of walking with the Lord. The call to intercede for others is what turns us into prayer warriors, fighting for another in prayer.

In the Christian family, we are called to be intercessors for others and need others interceding for us. When we hit our knees, we pick a fight with the enemy and make no mistake, the enemy will fight back. But fortunately, “Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). We are covered by the cross of Jesus and the Lord’s ongoing prayers for us.

A couple weeks ago, I asked our church staff to intentionally go to their regular prayer spot, that place where they pray most often, and lay their hearts, needs and praises before the Lord. May I invite you to intentionally linger in your sacred place? It is likely that some of you don’t have a spot; I encourage you to establish a place. It will become your favorite location because it will be where God reveals Himself to you.

Don’t underestimate what can happen when we lift up our prayers to the Lord. In Exodus 17, the ancient battle between the Israelites and Amalekites is recorded. As long as Moses was lifting up his arms, the Israelites gained the upper hand. But when Moses lowered his arms, the Amalekites won more ground. So Aaron and Hur stood alongside of Moses and held up his arms. Our battles are fought the same way. Our victories come from bent knees in prayer and arms lifted up in praise.

There will be moments when we lack the ability, strength, will or faith to overcome our foes. That’s when we need others to intercede for us. God may put you on someone’s heart, so they will cover you in prayer. Which means when someone pops into your head, it is a prompting from God to lift that person up. They need you to intercede for them. Prayer is real—do it!